National Partitions Modular Systems vs. Conventional Construction

National Partitions modular construction holds many advantages when compared to conventional construction.

Relocate and reuse the modular room

100% reusable components. The number one reason for buying National is the ability to take the building down and relocate it. This feature benefits the small firm that leases because the modular rooms always remain their asset, when it is time to move, the modular rooms can go with them. This feature also benefits the larger company. Should their needs change and the modular room would be better suited elsewhere then it can be moved and they never lose their original investment.


Redesign - adapt to new requirements

Companies grow, needs change and so can the modular room. Whether you need more space or need to change your current modular room configuration your not locked into your original design. All panels are interchangeable and can be assembled to fit any current need. The nonprogressive post design provides the ability to swap or replace individual panels without disturbing adjacent panels. For example, if a solid wall panel now requires a door it can be switched out for a door panel in a matter of minutes.


Stronger construction - suited for an industrial environment

Many rooms today are built using drywall and studs, leaving unsupported cavities that can be punctured easily. National Partitions modular rooms use much stronger materials and utilize an important design feature, fully supported wall substrates using either insulated polystyrene or honeycomb cores, this gives the walls true impact resistance for long useful life. In addition the availability of steel facings adds even more strength.


Better sound deadening than conventional rooms

Our modular enclosures create a comfortable work area even in the loudest manufacturing plants. Installing an industrial modular room is more than just putting up walls, it involves utilizing a system that will meet the specific requirements of the plant. One of the most important requirements is sound control, without the proper sound control a room could be rendered useless. National has sound controlled modular rooms that are acoustically designed to out perform any typical conventional construction. The more extreme the noise the more Nationals products are better qualified. National can design a structure for any sound problem.


Faster Occupancy so you can get back to business.

Installs up to 75% faster than stick-built. The standard small modular room is assembled and ready to move in, in one day, with conventional construction that time can be weeks. Weeks of sub contractors and inspections can put any company behind schedule and this can translate directly into money lost. The faster you are back to normal the faster you get back to business.


Reduces Labor Costs by up to 50%.

This could be a very conservative figure... considering the installation speed of National Partitions products and the reduction in trades necessary to build, you could find this savings tremendous. It takes only one crew to assemble a National Partitions building, and several trades like glazers, painters, carpenters etc. to build conventionally... the larger the project, the more the savings.


Fewer plant disruptions - minimize productivity loss

that can cause expensive loss of productivity. All construction even modular causes plant disruption, however the longer it takes to complete a project the more disruption you get. A serious evaluation of costs would include this often over looked expense, most people are amazed how fast these costs add up. For an estimate, multiply the number of people in the area of construction by just 10 minutes of distractions, then multiply that by the number of days it takes to complete the project, from this you can determine the number of hours lost, now multiply this by the average cost per labor hour. The loss of productivity is real and expensive.


Less mess to contend with - lower cost

Sealing off areas, and detailed cleaning of equipment all can be expensive for the average industry, but if a company is involved in food processing or clean environments the costs to shut down and handle this are enormous.


No engineering or architectural fees

Our design service is included with our package. Each job gets detailed drawings and a complete bill of materials. The product is pre-engineered and can meet any building code. At most you may be required to have an engineer or architect review and seal our drawings this is much less expensive than if he started from scratch.


Permits are not always needed.

Small modular rooms within a plant can usually be assembled without permit . This is never the case with conventional construction, it always requires a permit and can tie up a project for weeks. (consult your local building department)



National Partitions product is quality inspected before it ships and is manufactured to exact standards. The finished product is never questionable, a clear point that conventional construction can not make. How good is conventional construction? It depends on the work crew. The truth is that most construction, if not closely watched can turn into a disaster. A buyer must always be on the watch for shortcuts and sub standard work, this is never the case with National and the proof of the quality is in the warranty. National warrants their modular rooms for 10 years.


National always costs less than conventional

Compare any project fairly, each room is to have identical specifications and each is to perform to the same requirements and National will always cost less. Add to this the other benefits previously listed and the much faster depreciation allowed for modular construction (as illustrated below) and you will see why the popularity of National Partitions buildings has grown tremendously and why many companies are so convinced that they no longer consider conventional construction for their Modular needs.

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