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Build Green with National

Re-Useable Inplant Modular Construction Systems

Energy Efficient Prefabricated Walls & Electrical Items

Manufactured to Minimize Waste & We Recycle to Save Resources

Proudly "Green" for nearly five decades.

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Inplant Modular Offices

National Partitions inplant modular offices and prefabricated clean room enclosures are designed to meet your changing business requirements, utilizing flexible, cost-effective modular construction solutions.

Our prefabricated wall panel design insures that your project will be completed quickly, cleanly, and with little disruption to your operations. All of this adds up to substantial construction cost savings.

Give us a call today and take advantage of our five decades of prefabricated construction experience. You will be glad you did.

The RapidWall System

Inplant Modular Walls

Our revolutionary RapidWall System is made up of a variety of Wall Types (exterior wall finishes / materials) and Wall Core Types (performance interior wall compounds / materials). The result is a perfect combination of exterior aesthetics and durability with performance sound deadening and fire protection built to fulfill your inplant modular office requirements.

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RapidWall - Wall Types

Our products are available with a variety of wall surface finishes designed for specific inplant modular office uses and price points...

LEEDwall | CleanWall | HiWall | ToughWall & RuggedWall

RapidWall - Wall-Core Types

Our products are available with a variety of core types designed for specific inplant modular office performance criteria...

ThermalCore | 1HourCore | HushCore | Type1Core